Saturday, January 24, 2015

Maybelline Color Tattoos

Hey guys!
Today let’s check out the Maybelline Color Tattoos. I know these were released quite a while ago and they now have come out with shades in the “leather” category but sometimes it’s nice to look back through your collection and remember some of the those products that you used to love, or are still loving!
This quick review might inspire you to go out and grab a couple shades you have been looking at for a while, or a shade that sparks interest.
These shades have absolutely amazing color payoff. The pigments that some of these shades have are long-lasting and creamy. The textures of the shadows that have a hint of shimmer seem to be a bit more creamy and easy to apply and blend.

Inked in Pink: This is a lighter shade that is super creamy and gives a lighter payoff than originally shown in the pot. The pink shine is very neutral and only appears deeper when the light catches it. However, the pigment still is wonderful and the texture is smooth.

Pomegranate Punk: This is a deeper shade that is beautiful when applied in the crease or under the lower lashes. The color is more along the lines of marsala than purple. This shade is a mixture of plum and berry elements combined. There is an underlying tone of gold and silver shimmer that doesn’t show up on the lid but is beautiful in a swatch.

Electric Blue: I have to say this is my favorite shade but also the hardest to wear, in my opinion.  The shade captures the generic blue idea and gives it a bit of an edge by adding a pinch of silver shimmer. This is my favorite shade to wear during the summer.

Barely Branded:  This shade has a brightening aspect with a peachy orange undertone. It almost acts as a correcting primer, because it evens out the discoloration on my lids. The only different part is that this shade too, holds a shimmer element. Unfortunately I don’t prefer this shade because it is too sparkly and comes off flakey on the eye. 

Bad to the Bronze: This is your classic brown/ gold shadow. This creamy shade has the prettiest golden undertone. It almost gives off a copper tone. When I take a swatch it reminds me of the Urban Decay, “Smog.”

Nude Pink: Here you have a matte pink that is even more understated than the other shade, “Inked in Pink.” This shade is dry. It is pasty and it doesn’t do much for me. I find that this shade works under other more pigmented eye shadows in powder form to prevent creases but as a stand alone shade, it doesn’t quite cut it.

Tough as Taupe: This color is a bit dry and you can see that where the dry crack lines the rim of the pot. You can fix this by using a toothpick to mix and then press the cream. If you do this, you might be able to save your shadow and get back the original pay off.

You can wear these colors all over the lid or even pull them off as a liner, using a small angled brush. These colors are great for in the summer and even last in the water- as long as you don’t intentionally wipe them away.

Overall, these are a pretty safe buy. They won't let you down and the product lasts a long time. Being aware that the matte shades can be testing, but that all the above shades are very pigmented, you might have yourself a treasure.

Thanks for reading and I hope that this was helpful! Come back for makeup, beauty and more!


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