Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Elf Cosmetics Matte Lip Color Review

Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my blog! Today we will be taking a look at Elf Cosmetics Matte Lip Colors!

The packaging on these products is unusual. You get a twist up pencil, that is tapered into a marker shape. The product definitely takes longer to apply because you have to cover more area with a smaller applicator. The packaging is completely travel friendly and fits easily in your bag. It has that shape that you can find easily when you are blindly rummaging through your bag. You get your shade color identified in a ring around the bottom edge.

The lip products that I picked up where very pigmented. I picked up two shades that I am absolutely in love with. They were very affordable at only $3 per lipstick. The first shade I snagged off the very bare shelf, (these new products were being picked up fast!) was "Natural."

I found that this shade is my favorite of the two that I picked up. This shade is more on the pink side, and I think that this shade falls more aptly under the category, "my lips but better." This shade is very much like the L'oreal lipstick shade Fairest Nude. It gives coverage on the lips to even out discoloration but this shade is not very noticeable, which is what I like about it.  It is the perfect shade to wear with absolutely anything. 

The second shade I bought, Nearly Nude, is a lip color that literally erases my lips. It is the shade that is a true nude. This color is actually smoother than Natural, but Nearly Nude shade is overall harder to wear. I find that this shade enhances the lines and cracks on the lips and actually doesn't last particularly long. It almost gives an orange edge to the nude. 
Nearly Nude

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  1. Hey this is simplysiera_ from Instagram!! I love your blog posts so far and can't wait to see more from you! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. Hey, it's @DearDiaryDaily again. :)
    I really like the products you post! They look so good. I never heard of the brand before. In our stores they just sell like 5 different brands.
    *waiting for the next post*

    1. Thanks! You can check out Elf Cosmetics online store, and order them to your location for more options! Here is the link:

  3. Hey lovely, your posts are really good I love it when people list comparisons to well known products. ELF is one of my favourite brands so I would have loved if you had included lip swatches or maybe pictures of how you would use the lipsticks in an everyday beauty look <3 Nancy

  4. Great post! I must check this out next time. :) x
    Caryl -